Diamond Nanoparticles/Nanopowder


Purity: > 98.3%

Color: Grey

APS: 3-10 nm

SSA: 272.6289 m2/g

Decompsing Temperature: 616.73oC

Ash: 1.042%

Functionalized group on surface(linked directly to the diamond carbon): --OH, --CN, —C=O, --COOH-C-O-C etc.

Resistivity: 7.7x107, 0.1-2 (Ω.cm) (Boron dopped)

MJ/mol.g: -3100 (Hydrophilia degree)

m3/kg: <1.0x10-8 (Relative magnetic susceptibility)

Initial oxidization temperature: 803 K

A(J/g): 384

(mV): 3.7-75 (change with PH)

Morphology: spherical

Bulk density: 0.16-0.18 g/cm3

Pore volume: 1.314 cm3/g

True density: 3.05-3.30 g/cm3

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