Lanthanum Trifluoride (coated w/ 10wt% saturated alkyl)


APS: 20-60nm

Purity: >99.99%; The product composition: LaF3 with 90wt% and Alkyl with 10wt% on particles surface

Dispersibility: 96.40%. This value shows that the Laf3 in organic solvents has better dispersion property

Hydrophobic (°) ≥ 149. This value indicates that the product has a good hydrophobic lipophilic property

Surface coated with <10% saturated alkyl

PH value: 3.87

Free water content (%) ≤ 1.40

Loss on ignition (%) (850 oC 2h) ≤ 6.36

Apparent Density (g / mL) ≤ 0.97

Dispersible in all kinds of lubricating oil medium

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