Multi-Spectral ZnS (ZnS-MS)

Multi-Spectral ZnS (Multi-Spectral Zinc Sulfide)

Multi-Spectral ZnS can be used for visible light, IR light and laser window material.


Main Properties:

Knoop’s Hardness (kg/mm2) 160
Rupture Modulus (Mpa) 68
Young’s Modulus (GPa) 74.5
Poisson Ratio 0.28
Melting point (°C) 1830
Density (g/cm3) 4.09
Thermal Conductivity (W/cm.K) 0.272
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (10-6/°C) 7.85
Specific Heat (Cal/g.k.) 0.124
Dielectric Constant 8.35

Transmission Spectrum:

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