Hot Pressed ZnS (LWIR)

Hot-pressed polycrystalline Zinc Sulphide is an infrared optical material with a wide transmittance range. HP ZnS is made from high  pure zinc sulphide raw material under vacuum and high temperature condition, which has good infrared transmission and thermal property and high impact overloading resistance. Since it can be directly pressed into large size plates and spherical domes windows withvarious curvatureradius, HP ZnS has been widely used to make infrared detector dome windows for defenses,s ecurity and aerospace applications.

Physical Properties ZnS MS ZnS
Density, (g/cm3) 4.08 4.09
Hardness, (kg/mm2)
(Vickers 200 gm load)
210-240 150-165
Young’s Modulus, (GPa) 74.5 85.5
Optical Properties ZnS MS ZnS
Max Transmittance 1 μm 73.30%
Max Transmittance 10 μm 70.00% 75.30%
Wavelength, μm Refractive Index
Refractive Index
10 2.2

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